Band Gear Page


Scott Sereboff - Lead and rhythm guitars, keyboard foot pedals, backing vocals.

Scott's gear!


- Revv 100p head

- Revv 4x12 cabinet 

- Mesa Boogie 2x12 cabinet (for the smaller shows)


- Aristides 060 with Bare Knuckle Ragnarok in bridge and DiMarzio Fast Track in neck (also known as "Masterverk")

- Aristides 070 with Bare Knuckle Warpig in bridge and Sinner in neck, with piezo

- Aristides 060 with Bare Knuckle Warpig in bridge and Cobra in neck

- Ernie Ball Music Man Monarch Majesty 7 string with DiMarzio Sonic Ecstacy in both bridge and neck, with piezo

- All guitars are strung with .11 to .50 gauge strings tuned to E flat

- Picks are Dunlop Flow 2.0MM JP



- The Revv 100p is full MIDI controllable

- Musicom EFX Mark 4 MIDI controller

- Decimator noise gate

- Shure wireless

- Eventide H9

- Strymon Mobius

- Mesa Boogie Boost

- Flight Time delay

Keyboard stage setup:

- iPad 12.4 using MPK soft keyboard

- Crumar foot pedals


- One Countryman head microphone into Shure wireless pack




Chris Siggins - Lead and rhythm guitars


- Amplification - EVH 5150 III, 50 watt head
- 4x12 cabinet with two V30’s and two G12T-75’s in an X pattern. 
- 2x12 cabinet with one V30 and one G12T-75 (for smaller shows)


- ESP E-II M7 (7 string) with Duncan Distortion pickups. 
- ESP E-II M-II (6 string) with Duncan Distortion pickups.
- Both guitars are strung with D ‘Addario NYXL 9-42 (56 low B string) tuned down 1/2 step.


- Digitech GSP 1101 rack effects processor with footswitch.
- ISP G-String noise gate.
- Shure wireless system.
- Live Wire PC1100 power supply

Kenny Sizelove - Drums and percussion

- Tama Starclassic drums 
- 26” bass drum
- 13” rack tom
- 16” and 18” floor toms
- DW 9000 pedals 
- Tama hardware
- Sabian cymbals
- Vic Firth drumsticks

Craig Cowsert - Bass and backing/lead vocals

Brett Inman - Lead vocals, keyboards